Jessica Northam

Birth Assistant/Student Midwife

Jessica Northam is a registered drama therapist of the North American Drama Therapy Association with specializations in trauma-centered psychotherapy and trauma-sensitive program development.  She has worked in clinical, educational, and humanitarian settings in the United States and abroad. As a clinician, she has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families with stress-related disorders including posttraumatic stress disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders. In educational settings, she has facilitated group processes for children and adolescents exposed to high levels of toxic stress in their home and community environments.

Her experience abroad has included working in programs in Latin America responding to mental health needs of victims of natural disasters, refugees, and displaced persons in humanitarian crises.Jessica is now a consultant for professionals and NGOs in fields of services looking to develop trauma-informed practices while also building their capacity to address countertransference, prevent secondary trauma and recover from compassion fatigue. She is a firm believer that psychoeducation of stress and trauma is crucial in preventing and overcoming trauma.

Jessica is available to facilitate groups, capacity building, workshops, and retreats in addition to providing consultation for businesses and organizations wanting to create trauma-informed practices that are culturally sensitive and follow a community based approach.

As a birth doula and a childbirth educator she is no stranger to the birth world. She knows that birth brings its own experiences for each woman and it is her desire to walk alongside women with support, knowledge and encouragement as they and their families bring a new child into the world.

Her own pregnancies and births showed her the strength and healing that can come from this season of life as well the struggles that can arise. Her international travels burdened her for the physical needs around the world. The combination of the two led her down the path of midwifery and she has loved every step of the journey.

If she had any free time she would love to make things – music, wood chips, quilts, yummy food… But, for now she is excited to be immersed in her studies and her dream is to one day be a midwife for women both locally and internationally.

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